My mission is to embody and inspire lifelong learning in all ages, because it improves everything – relationships, communication, empathy, physical and mental health, perspective, insight, leadership, self-esteem and beyond.

The main way I do this is my podcast – seven episodes a week sharing my learnings from books, interviews and experiences. I convert my learnings to courses online, in Spaniard School.

I also urge lifelong learning and discipline in every talk I give: on stage, virtually, at book signings, wherever I go.

This is the best I have to give the world. The more people I engage with learning and discipline, the more lives will improve and the more the world will improve around those people.

I’m asking you to follow me, join me, and support this movement to help as many people as possible LEARN TO LIVE.

Each level of support gets the same benefits: 1. Knowing that you are positively impacting the world, 2. Access to my exclusive monthly Zoom session, and 3. Access to our private Facebook group.

Below are monthly subscription buttons. They are run through Paypal and can be cancelled anytime. Pay what you can and what satisfies you. I guarantee that no one will work harder for you to do as much good as possible.

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