Are You:

A Die-Hard Fan of The Spaniard?

Obsessed with Greatness and Excellence?

Committed to Making Real Change in Your Life?

3 Yes’s? Read On…

Much of What I Do…

Is free and accessible to everyone:

  • A Fighter’s Mindset – The Spaniard Podcast
  • AM Excellence
  • Written/Audio/Video Blogs
  • Social Media Posts

I will continue to inspire through my platforms above for as long as I’m able. My daily content is as much a part of my morning routine as getting out of bed.

BUT I am also interested in working 1-on-1 with a handful of people interested in taking my content to the next level.

1-on-1 with The Spaniard:

Objective: Achieve Goals Through Accountability

My job is to make sure your habits are in alignment with your goals. I will hold you accountable.

Focus Areas:

  • Personal Goals
  • Professional Goals
  • Fitness Goals

What You Get: Direct Access to Me – The Spaniard

Everything I know is yours.

Too many people talk about doing certain things in their lives but never do them. I am not one of those people. I live every day to minimize the gap between who I am and who I want to be.

If you choose to work with me, I will do the same for you.

Surround Yourself with the Best

There is no greater way to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be than consistently surrounding yourself with people who’ve done just that.

I will be an asset to you. Much of what we cover will be taken directly from my content. It will be used as course curriculum. You will be responsible for following along daily and incorporating my system into your daily living.

What’s Included?

• Weekly Phone Call

• Assigned Tasks/Objectives

• Everything I Know


  • I’ve known Charlie for several years, and, in that time, he has proven to be an extreme asset. He is a friend, an inspiration and a source of pure passion. His work ethic and drive are infectious and I can say, without a doubt, that I am a better person with him in my life. Charlie passes on his insatiable thirst for knowledge and graciously shares what he has learned from endless reading and his life experiences to make those around him better human beings. I have seen Charlie inspire young and old alike. I have had the privilege of working with Charlie one-on-one and in a leadership group. He gives selflessly, challenges you and is prepared to deliver at all times. If you have the chance to work with Charlie, I say go for it, you will not be disappointed. He is as genuine a person I’ve ever come across, and I truly believe there is a reason our paths crossed.

    Chris Schiffert
    Asst. Superintendent
  • There are certain people in life who have an indescribable passion for success that rubs off on those around them; Charlie is one of those people. He brings out the best in others and has driven me to achieve at levels not otherwise possible.

    Jim Harshaw
    Asst. Director, UVA Athletics Foundation
  • As a former collegiate athlete and current professional, Charlie has helped me attack my personal and professional goals as if it were a sport. I am forever grateful for Charlie, helping me these past couple years. Life is a fight, and he is an amazing cornerman to have.

    Adam Hluschak
    Front Office Hotel Management
  • Charlie is good at everything he does because he practices basic success principles, and he is very consistent with them. He does not overcomplicate things, and he takes action. As I have grown as a leader, I have found that the power of association is one of the most important pieces in my personal and professional growth. Associating and spending time with Charlie makes me a better husband, school administrator and friend because of the example he sets for me. I learned a long time ago, as an athlete, that if I worked out with people better than me, it made me stronger as well. Charlie does that for me in life.

    Dave Beard
    Assistant Principal
  • I have struggled with weight issues my whole life. I was a yo-yo. I decided to reach out to Charlie to ask for his help. His program has gone beyond the physical workouts and guidance regarding my nutrition; he has truly helped me adapt ‘A Fighter’s Mindset.’ I have taken what he has given me over the past year and implemented them into other facets of my life. Working with Charlie has changed my life.

    Dave Wagner
    Financial Advisor
  • What a game changer working with Charlie has been. I’m more confident, positive, and, overall, I’m happier now. I am a better person, living the life I want to live, knowing that my values are key. Charlie is the real deal. Surround yourself with the best.

    Byron Smail
    Small Business Owner


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