Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage

This is the story of Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman, an unassuming kid from rural Pennsylvania who ascended to the highest ranks of professional combat sports. Guided by strong family values and instincts honed by a lifetime of wrestling, “The Spaniard” is a complex mix of small town and bright lights. After landing his dream job in education, Charlie left to venture into the unknown world of professional mixed martial arts (MMA). As he imparts lessons from nearly a decade in the cage, “The Spaniard” brings you inside. What’s it like fighting a world title contender on live national TV, igniting a Twitter storm with the toughest man on the planet, and starting a family along the way? How exactly do you go from being a Spanish teacher to a professional fighter? Step into the mind and life of a mixed martial artist who fights not only for money but for prizes far more lasting.


WOW! I truly enjoyed this book. I have always been a fan of The Spaniard…but I have to say…this book allows the reader to get a personal glimpse of his life. I was inspired by the life stories Charlie shares with the reader and the obstacles he faced through his journey to the cage.

Reading The Spaniard’s story inspired me that we only live once. It reminded me of the importance of taking risks in life. It reminded me that taking risks far out-weigh the regrets that we could potentially live with as we come to the end of our life. This story is all about living life to the fullest and striving for excellence.

One other cool aspect of this book…The Spaniard opens up about how important his family is to him. He is obviously a man with purpose and passion when it comes to his wife and daughter. At times, I think we can see superstars like Charlie in only one dimension…meaning…we only see them in the cage. However, I can tell you, that underneath this elite athlete is a man who really knows what is important in life (Family).

Do yourself a favor…pick up this book. You will be inspired in so many facets in your life! I know I am!

Larry Hagner
The Good Dad Project
Author of The Dad’s Edge

Loved this book. It was an easy read and Charlie does such a great job pulling you in to the highs and lows of his story and journey – from the classroom, to setting a goal and then smashing it. I can’t wait to see what Charlie does next. I have been a life long fan and look forward to his continued success.

Jake Herbert – US Olympian, Wrestling

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