The Spaniard is an entertaining, thought-provoking and actionable speaker. With his natural curiosity and appreciation for reading and learning, and an intense competitive mindset, The Spaniard will leave your audience motivated and inspired.

He has taken the mindset of a UFC fighter and applied it to every day life so that we can all get the most out of ourselves. In a fully transparent presentation, The Spaniard highlights his personal journey from Spanish teacher to UFC fighter, and the life lessons therein.

From such a unique perspective of athlete and academic, The Spaniard will teach your audience a class they won’t forget!

Get a feel for The Spaniard’s message by reading his book reviews on Amazon: DRIVEN: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage.


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  • We recently had Charlie Brenneman as our keynote speaker for our end of the year awards banquet at Lock Haven. His preparation and poise during the presentation captivated the audience’s attention from the first word. His ability to relate to the diverse audience while sending a powerful message to the student-athletes in the room was on point. Having wrestled at Lock Haven, Charlie’s passion for the sport and character that it builds showed in his emotions as he told his story of success and failure throughout his journey in the UFC. As he told his story, a consistent message of integrity, character and passion exhumed from his body, something he had learned from over twenty years of competing in the great sport of wrestling and martial arts. A true success story and proud LHU Alum doing what he does best, entertaining the audience.

    Scott Moore
    Head Wrestling Coach, Lock Haven University
  • Charlie Brenneman has an ease by which he connects with young adults. He keeps things very real, and doesn’t sugarcoat what it takes to be successful in life. Being someone who has competed at the highest levels as an athlete, but also someone who has achieved academically, provides the perfect platform in speaking with kids. Among so many roles, Charlie is first and foremost a dedicated father and husband. When Charlie speaks, he refers often to his connection to and the importance of his family. He is in my opinion a genuine role model. He has spoken several times at my school, and each time my kids and teachers tell me that he was one of the best speakers they have ever engaged with. I recommend Charlie without reservation, as he will not disappoint. He takes great care in preparing his presentation toward his specific audience and is very approachable. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding Charlie Brenneman.

    Chris Schiffert
    Asst. Superintendent, Whitehall School Discrict
  • I put Charlie’s presentation up there with the best I have seen over the past thirty years.

    Rocco Scalzi
    Founder, Beating the Odds Foundation
  • Best motivational speaker ever. Why? Because he lived it.

    Mike Harris
    Teacher, Hollidaysburg Area Jr. High
  • Charlie Brenneman is the guy you want!! I have been a secondary administrator for almost 15 years and have seen numerous motivational presentations throughout the years. Charlie’s, by far, exceeded them all. He is down to earth, funny and relates well with the students in both large group settings and small group settings. Through his experience, he has so many excellent messages and stories to share with students that they can use in their daily lives. I would recommend Charlie Brenneman to any school or community group. He is top-notch!!!


    Dr. Maureen Letcher
    Principal, Hollidaysburg Area Sr. High
  • In my 25 years of collegiate coaching I’ve had countless opportunities to hear professional development speakers address student-athlete performance in both the classroom and sport venue.  Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman delivers a fantastic presentation – he connects with people. Based on his own successes and setbacks, he analyzes how we can mentally prepare ourselves to meet our highest aspirations.  He speaks of his own experiences as an NCAA collegiate wrestler, a public school educator, and UFC professional fighter. I, along with my players, made an immediate connection with Charlie.  His concepts are thought-provoking, prompting you to look inward at habits, behaviors and attitudes and the results they yield.   I strongly recommend Charlie Brenneman to anyone looking to gain a competitive advantage whether they are in sports, business, or community service.

    Don Friday
    Head Basketball Coach, PSU Harrisburg
  • Want your students to “Fight Well?!” We do! The Spaniard takes A Fighter’s Mindset and makes it applicable to ALL of us – students, staff, faculty, community. Building positive habits and holding ourselves accountable doesn’t just work in the ring! For a message that will inspire you (along with students/staff) to be the best possible version of yourself, I highly recommend Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman. Our campus appreciated his engaging program, his motivational presentation style, and his willingness to share his personal story along the way.

    Adrienne Thoman
    Student Activities Coordinator, Central Penn College
  • I enjoyed Charlie’s ability to relate to athletes and non-athletes alike about motivators and distractions. I was left feeling a sense of control over my destiny and perspective and was reminded that I am in the driver’s seat of my life.

    Danielle Lynch
    SAAC Advisor, PSU Harrisburg
  • Charlie has always been a hard working, dedicated individual that practices what he preaches. “The Spaniard” is a dynamic speaker and was able to capture the attention of the students and staff at Easton Area High School very easily. He offers many inspiring words and stories of motivation and links them to lessons that can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Without question, I strongly recommend bringing this high quality individual around if you have the opportunity to do so. His words will resonate with all.

    Dan Gonzalez
    Assistant Principal, Easton Area High School

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